Golden Fortune is a family-owned importer and wholesaler of Asian groceries that distribute to supermarkets in the United States. The company's roots started in 1982 in Chinatown, Manhattan, New York City as a small grocery store on East Broadway by the Manhattan Bridge. Years later, the company's founders opened a wholesale grocery business in Brooklyn that eventually evolved into Golden Fortune when they relocated to New Jersey in 1999. Today, Golden Fortune proudly imports and distributes many popular Asian food brands. The company's quality products come from all over Asia:  China, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and other countries. The company imports dried, frozen, refrigerated, seasonal, canned and bottled products such as beverages, snacks, sauces, rice, noodles and more.

长年大富是一家亚洲杂货进口商和食品批发商,这些杂货分销到美国各大华人超市。 该公司于 1982 年在纽约市曼哈顿唐人街成立,最初是曼哈顿桥旁东百老汇的一家小杂货店。 多年后,该公司的创始人在布鲁克林开设了一家批发杂货店,并于 1999 年迁往新泽西,最终发展成为 长年大富。如今,长年大富自豪地进口和分销许多受欢迎的亚洲食品品牌。 公司优质产品来自亚洲各地:中国、韩国、菲律宾、台湾、泰国等国家。 该公司进口干燥、冷冻、冷藏、时令、罐装和瓶装产品,如饮料、零食、酱汁、大米、面条等。


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